Like this if Your first Thought is Rihanna !!


They'll roast him And eat Him ?!?!

Just another Photo of Some girls Wearing sexy Costumes and Some chinese Gangsta in The back Staring at Them..........WTF ?!?!

Epic Dad !!

The new apple technology ....The Stone Phone 3Kg's :))

Let's play A game ..... Just try To look Into her Eyes :)))))))

Another case of....How the Fuck ?

What can i Say i'm A born Teaser :))

Makeup doese Miracles

It seems to Be an......Epic Fail !!!

Gay fag gay Gay fag Gay lvl 99 :)))))))

Incredible Book Art

Man did They have Fun back In those Days.............

Get your free Two dollar Hamburger !! I'm In !!! :))

Christmas in Texas

Now this Is just Teasing

Puss in Boots leaving into space ?

Yo hey What's happening Dude wanna Play some Ball...WTF ?!

Now where is That stupid Mouse...?!?!

Drinking Test

Don't worry No one Will take It

If you get It please Tell....

And You Thought Your Job Sucked.....

And just Remember money Doesn't bring Happiness....

So far so Good.....

Marriage Lvl 99

This was What we Were talking About !! We hope you Guys like It !!

The Best jackass Team in Romania