Ma Baker ?!?!

I always Wanted to Join the Army

What in the Name of Elephants in The middle Of the Street.............?!?!?!

Watch out mowgli He's coming Back

Clearly India

Just another man Putting a Goat on A stick While monkey Watches....WTF ?!?!

Fucking Masterpiece

Getting laid.....and Not

Beer spilled On the Floor Problem

The only chance To see Her ass...And your Asleep

Getting laid.....and Not


Final Photo

In your Face !!

I could Read this Book over And over Again

Dressed like A banana Eating a Banana and Verry excited About it ...WTF ?!?!

Just a Normal picture Of two Girls and Fucking bambi Dressed in A suit In the Back

Boobs Meter

Just another fat Tattooed guy Dressed up Like a Girl teling Us to Relax ........WTF ?!?!

Spot the Diference

Fuck the cats Yeah !!!

Why is The dog Leashed ?

Like a Boss

I can Live with That !!

Final Photo

If you See two Swans you're Stupid

What in the Name of tattooed Nipples.............?!?!?!

It just went BOOM all Of a Sudden

Been there done That

An offer You can't Refuse

Same face different Shirt

Dog on Top of Dog........?!?!

Mother Nature

Future tiping Machine

Boobs dirty Socks and WTF is that Hole ?

I just love The cup Holder

I can Live with That !!

Something for the Kids

The perfect Man

When you see It

Worst Nightmare

Steak Proposal

That didn't Stop the Bird...